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Nov 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
across the street. jesse hernandez rescued them. >> they're trying to escape one of them burned her hands. they were not able to get out. banging and yelling. so mr. hernandez actually dwraned the garden hose and stwishd a certain amount of the fire before we got there. >> the captain says hernandez took a risk because there could have been a back draft as he opened the door. >> when he started to engage in firefighting he phone shall list beinged his life. >> rv parked just feet from the garage door. another live was saved. >> two women knew their 3-month-old pit bull was still inside. she was found cowering in fear. one firefighter went in and found her. you won't see video of jesse hernandez. he didn't want the spotlight or praise for being a hero. >> definitely a hero. yes. for sure. we're proud of hism. the kids were excited for us. >> the principal described him as quiet. no one can convince him do an interview he probably didn't want praise over this, we'll make a big deal about it here in school. >> the hero is a 60-year-old10 year veteran of the school district. he did take the r
Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm PST
in the south bay for over 35 years. it is my pleasure to introduce our first honoree. izatzi hernandez. [applause] she is the program prevention substance abuse coordinator at the health center. she is a mother of two and she is pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology. she serves as a board member for the american indian alliance of santa clara county and actively engaged with san jose inter community and works with healthy styles and life choices and has been chaired san jose power wow and held in year. each her they hold a sporting event to bring natives together to promote wellness. she believes in these events lie the developing in youth the sense of self worth and resiliency necessary for them to succeed. she prides herself in the design and implementation of an art curriculum that includes, but not limited to bead work, dancing and sewing and a firm believer in these traditions and intrinsic values instill solidity and pride in being responsible individuals in a contemporary landscape. in addition her years of dance experience has lead her to be a respected and decorated a
Nov 23, 2012 5:30pm PST
near the murder scene that night who looked strikingly like deluna. he was carlos hernandez, a man with a violent history and an obsession with the type of knife found at the crime scene. >> it was almost common knowledge in corpus christi that this man named carlos hernandez not only existed but had taken the blame for killing wanda lopez. liebman and his students spent five years reinvestigating the crime and have now published their proof of deluna's innocence. liebman claims police were sloppy. this photo shows a detective literally standing on the evidence. and this picture from the bloody crime scene reveals the imprint of the killer's shoe-- an image that raises a troubling question. >> so he's leaving blood all over the place but there's no blood on deluna's shoes. >> reporter: liebman also found witnesses who suspected hernandez was the real killer. his former girlfriend, mary margaret tapia, recognized the murder weapon. >> this is carlos hernandez's knife. >> reporter: then there's janie adrian, one of the friends who heard hernandez boast about the killing. >> what did
Nov 14, 2012 1:00pm PST
. karl jones. huey lu. rachel w, manual hernandez, eddie james, karen woods, ron miguel, jeffrey leibowitz. if you hear your name line up. i will ask the first speaker to come up. >> hello, good afternoon. karl jones come on behalf of seasoned ticket holders for the golden state warriors. we question that you look at the project and get it going. also a retired union man so definitely looking forward to it being built and getting jobs to union families in san francisco. also we need to have the project done so if everybody has been following the warriors the time this project is done we will be raising a world championship banner. let's get it done. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i want to speak behalf of chinese citizen alliance. and want to keep it short. so i live in san francisco for many years. i love this city. it think it is important for san francisco to have its team. i heard golden state warriors was once played in san francisco. i think it is time to bring them back home. in addition, i think it is a good idea to use the portland because otherwise it would
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
hernandez, el hombre al que un gran jurado acuso por la desaparicion del niqo etan patz en 1979, acude hoy a un juzgado de nueva york para la lectura formal de los cargos. un juez decidira si hernandez, acusado de dos delitos por asesinato en segundo grado y uno por secuestro en primer grado, tiene derecho a esperar su juicio en libertad bajo fianza.hernandez confeso a los investigadores que hace 33 aqos engaqo al niqo, lo estrangulo y metio el cuerpo en una bolsa de basura. un niqo que le pidio a su madre una fiesta de "star wars" o "la guerra de las galaxias" recibio el mejor y mas inesperado regalo de cumpleaqos.el niqo queria ser "luke skywalker" y enfrentarse en un duelo de espadas a un "darth vader", que creyo que era su primo disfrazado.pero cuando lo vencio y le quito el casco, descubrio que era su padre, un milit qué viva la vida y la belleza, esto es tda tu desayuno alegre! aquí con las mujeres más bellas! >>> a su lado tenemos un programa digno de grabarse, estamos con la cas lena chicas! >>> así es, comenzamos con la noche de fiesta! >>> (cantando). >>> como un tema de rei
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
inkidicted in the death of child. pedro hernandez has been charged with murder and kidnapping. hernandez told them that he lured etan from the store, strangled him and put his body in the trash. etan disappeared in manhattan in 1979 on the first day that his parents allowed him to walk to school to the school bus stop by himself. defense lawyers say hernandez is mentally ill and a trial will not solve the mystery of what happened to etan. >>> still ahead, an suv slams into a car waiting at a red light. you might be surprised to find out who was behind the wheel. >>> paying the price for a quicker commute, we'll tell you how much more you'll have to pay to travel through parts of northern virginia. >>> something that's never been >>> an nba cheerleader is recovering after falling on her head during a performance. it happened last night during the magic/knicks game. her name is jamie wood. video shows her slipping dung a stunt. it took medical professional several minutes to stabilize her and get her on a stretcher. she suffered a broken rib and three vertebra fracture. schiele make a full reco
Nov 15, 2012 11:35pm PST
culpable . >> pedro hernandez dijo mediantte los abogados que hizo una confesion falsa y se declarará no culpabnle, en su primera aparicion escuchó los cargos por delitos de asesinato y secuestro, mientras que su esposa e hija reaccionaron conmocionadas, meses después de decir que es culpable por la desaparición en 1979, el hombre de origen puertorriqueño se retracta . >> según su abogado no hay evidencias y asegura que demostrarán que es una falsa confesión . >> así mismo asegura que son varios los motivos que llevaron a hernandez a realizar la falsa confesion y que llevara a su juicio, a pesar de tener ezquisofrenia, lo más triste del juicio es que cuesta dinero ,tiempo y que la familia jamás sabra lo que pasó en ese año, la imagen del niño fue la primera que apareció en los cartones de leche en el 2010, en el 2010 se reabrio el caso y de ser culpable podría pasar de 25 añso a cadena perpetua . >> el giro de investigadores alrededores del mundo consterandos por los giros y porque hasta hoy no se ha encontradoe el niño, en new york univisión . >> un desfile en honor
Nov 8, 2012 7:00am PST
the upstairs room by room. officer i. singh and hernandez went to the right. -- esein. as officer carrasco and heppler went left and saw a body lying prone at the end of the hallway. they saw the body was drenched in blood, and the victim was still breathing. based on his prior experience as a paramedic, officer carrasco knew they needed to be rescued immediately if there was to be any chance of the person surviving. officer carrasco told heppler i will pull her out. with complete disregard for his own safety, he ground the bleeding person by the feet and began to drag her to safety. it was later determined that the stick them was the suspect 73- year-old mother who had been stabbed through the neck. he pulled the woman passed officer heppler and a door opens at the end of the hallway. it was later determined to be the suspect's sister and ran hysterically across the hallway. at this time, officer heppler repeated san francisco police department, come out. hearing the commotion from the other side of the hallway, officer heisen and hernandez were standing. suddenly, from a door on the left
Nov 11, 2012 11:35pm EST
pedro hernandez. however, there are concerns hernandez who has a history of mental problems is making his confession up. in the meantime jose ramose long considered a prime suspect was released from a pennsylvania prison and then immediately arrested on a megan's law violation after he provided an outdated address. >> flying can be a nightmare for some people but we'll tell you why it was more like a dream for passengers on this new plane. >> speaking of the friendly skies. back with a look at how your workweek forecast is shaping up. first, a federal hot minute. >> good deeds don't often make compelling headlines. i like to think that's because as a society our good deeds are more common and less exceptional. less news worthy than our short comings. yet the many good things performed by people and companies deserve recognition. for example, i just returned from a remarkable golf tournament supporting thanks u.s.a. a nonprofit which awards education scholarships to the families of our soldiers, intelligent decision a technology contract t
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
hernandez is live in san francisco to explain. jodi? >> reporter: janelle, this is the last thing students thought they would have to do after helping pass proposition 30 last week. yet here they are. students say they will camp out here overnight in front of the uc board of regents meeting to take a stand against tuition hikes. you can see they're setting up their tents as we speak. this after the uc board of regents unveiled their budget framework for next year, a framework that includes the very real possibility of tuition hikes. governor jerry brown made a rare appearance at the meeting today. uc regents told him that they will need more than $276 million from the state to keep tuition from going up next year. the governor says that is a sum that is simply unrealistic. the members of the regents finance committee voted to accept the budget framework, but students say they will fight to keep tuition down. they are shocked and they're angry. >> students can't understand now that prop 30 has passed, bringing billions more in funding from taxes on the rich, why are we talking about increas
Nov 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
would saw flames from across the street at catherine smith's school. jesse hernandez rescued them. >> they're trying to escape. one of them severely burnt her hands and they were not able to get out, mr. hernandez pried or got that door open. and grabbed a garden hose and extinguished a certain amount of the fire. >> the captain says hernandez took a risk because there could have been a back draft as he opened the door. >> when picking up the hose, he phone shallly risked his life. that action could have saved iww spread together home autos the story doesn't end there. another life was saved8/4wÑ. >> the two women rescued knew their 3-month-old pit bull was inside, found cowering in fear from the fire.bcc a firefighter from engine 16 went in and found her. you won't see video of jesse hernandez. he didn't want any praise for being a hero. >> definitely a hero for sure, we're proud of him. i was telling kids about this, they were excited for him. >> a school bus driver is also being hailed a hero, rescuing a special needs student yesterday. >> when the driver picks the child up, c
Nov 14, 2012 12:00pm CST
hernandez in the 1979 disappearance of etan patz. a decision is expected by thursday whether hernandez will be indicted on kidnapping and murder charges. hernandez confessed to murdering patz six months ago. grand jurors have been asked to indict hernandez based on his confessions and police testimony but it is unlikely that this will be enough to meet the low standard of proof needed for the indictment. patz has been missing since may of 1979 when he was last seen walking alone to a bus stop in so ho. a man who accused the voice of sesame street's elmo of an underage sexual relationship is now recanting his story. kevin clash took a leave of absence from sesame street and denied that the relationship started when the accuser was a minor. clash, who has been elmo's puppeteer for 27 years, said the relationship was between consenting adults. the accuser released a statement yesterday acknowledging that was the case. clash says he's relieved the charge has been dropped. the dave matthews band is offering a helping hand to survivors of hurricane sandy. they're having a benefit concert w
Nov 15, 2012 4:00pm EST
? >> pat and jim, etam patz was 6 years old. today a 51-year-old new jersey man, pedro hernandez, was formally charged with kidnapping and murder in the case. hernandez was arrested back in may and admitted to killing patz. but his attorney said he's mentally ill and his testimony can't be trusted. his family remained dedicated to the case never moving from their new york city home. hernandez was a teenager when patz disappeared. in his confession, he claimed he lured the boy into a basement, strangled him, and put his body in a trash bag. hernandez only had a short appearance in court today. he won't get to enter a plea until next month. but his attorney said he's been diagnosed as schizophrenic. for now, hernandez will be held without bail. live in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. >>> we want to turn to the weather now. a lot of clouds today. will we see some sun by week's end? >> how about that, veronica? >> maybe a teeny bit, at least as we get through the day tomorrow. a little bit more and more and more. today cloudy, it didn't matter where you were, maryland, d.c., virg
Nov 15, 2012 5:30pm PST
event. >>> a push to get to the bottom of this year's sky high prices at the pump. i'm jody hernandez. i'll have details coming up. >> 49ers coach jim harbaugh hospitalized for a potentially serious heart condition. analysts thought it was because of plant went off line. however, a new report suggests otherwise. were we misled? >> jodi hernandez has the details and joins us from richmond this evening. >> reporter: raja,
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm PST
trapped inside a capsized boat in tomales bay. ktvu's jade hernandez is live where she says family refused to leave the boat. >> reporter: a father refused to leave behind his two trapped children. >> reporter: he showed thus video taken during sunday's rescue. >> the waves are going to hit the boat pretty hard. it has been knocking the father off the boat. >> reporter: he convinced the father to come with her leaving behind his children. >> with him struggling with me and trying to calm him down. >> reporter: this part of the rescue was over. a toddler, parent, and teen were safe. >> they had rescue personnel that were ready to go into the water and begin the process of trying to extricate the children that are underneath the boat. >> the kids froze. they felt safer in the cabin. >> reporter: he said the family were camping when their expedition turned ugly. >> he was in here this morning. we have seen a lot of boating accidents. they don't usually turn out like this. >> reporter: this sign warns boaters about rough waters. a 15-foot wave may have over taken the boat. none of the boaters
Nov 15, 2012 6:00pm PST
for a sign and now he says he found that sign in a most unlikely place. ktvu's jade hernandez went to see that symbol for herself. >> reporter: holding it in his hands, see an image of a cross embended in the trunk of a -- embedded in the trunk of a tree. he had been looking for a sign from his brother who died a month ago. his faith in god wavered when he felt he couldn't cope with the loss. >> it is here. maybe he is telling me everything -- it is okay. going to be okay. >> reporter: this is the trunk where the cross came from. the imprint didn't go all the way through. >> it is only right where they cut the tree. >> reporter: the gm says the display is offering comfort to many others. he is not surprised. he teaches about the virgin mary. >> god manifests his presence in all different kinds of ways. this is a naturally occurring mark. >> makes a believer out of everybody. >> reporter: even those with wavering faith. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we have been talking about it, rain is on the way. we will check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin on when it is supposed
Nov 22, 2012 6:00pm PST
deals start. ktvu's jade hernandez is live where the line is forming for the big black friday discounts. jade? >> reporter: this isn't for the weak. the first person in line camped out for 36 hours and he still has 6 more hours to go. >> reporter: to camp out or not to camp out. >> this is my second year. i would do it again. >> reporter: he is all about saving $200. >> 14-inch, like, you know, lcd. >> reporter: same for these men. >> tv. yeah. i am crazy. >> definitelywork it. this is the -- definitely worth it. this is the best deal. >> reporter: shoppers here less than thrilled they found the lights on. >> crazy they are opening on thanksgiving day. kmart, opening today. i think it is a family time. >> reporter: family time he will be improving after christmas just by sitting in this line. >> it is for my family. my parents. >> trying to buy a tv today. >> reporter: if you thought you could get the deals online, maybe not. many of these items are already sold out. that kmart just closed. but in a few hours, best buy, sears, walmart, target will open their doors on this thanksgiving.
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm PST
martin hernandez/resid ente in: 00;07;34;17 --- out: 00;07;44;18 senor dice: "porque puede pasar algo a uno aqui de que puedan asaltar a uno... de lo material no importa pero pero que le pueda pasar algo a una familia o algo." sot 2: joaquin hernandez/ in: 00;08;45;13 --- out: 00;08;55;19 senor dice: bueno pues es para sentirse uno preocupado si se oye decir que esta pasando esto hay que preocuparse la gente por tener atencion que ve uno por la calle." vo ---para evitar ser victima de robo se recomienda... take video box ---abrir la puerta ligeramente y pida a la persona que se aleje y si no lo hace llame a la policia... ---cierre todas sus puertas y ventanas cuando salga de casa... ---talle un numero de identificacion a articulos como aparatos electronicos.. ---tome fotos a joyeria y otros objetos de valor... stop open cesar ---los lideres de la ciudad de oakland estan solicitando a un juez federal un aplazamiento para su decision de que la entidad policiaca pase a ser administrada por autoridades federales... take vo ---desde el aÑo dos mil, la policia de oakland ha estado bajo la
Nov 28, 2012 11:00pm PST
jose. take vo ---jesus hernandez escucho los gritos de las mujeres que no podian salir de la casa e inmediatamente utilizo una manguera de jardin para auxiliar a las victimas quienes escaparon de las llamas. ---al llegar los bomberos rescataron tambien a la mascota de las mujeres. ---hernandez... es considerado un heroe y las victimas se recuperan... una por inhalacion de humo y la otra por quemaduras en sus manos. ---al parecer el incendio fue provocado por unas velas. cesar ---primera pausa pero al volver take vo --los robos de autos, a viviendas y negocios crecen de forma alarmante en una ciudad de la bahia. take vo - blanca ---ademas, enterese que organizacion latina podria ayudarle a empezar su propio negocio.. segment ends de negocio en su cabeza desde hace tiempo.. y no sabe como ponerla en marcha pues el consulado de mexico le podria ayudar.. take 2 box blanca - pitch --- gabriela dellan en vivo nos tiene mas detalles .. gaby ---efectivamente... y ante la crisis economica... muchas personas estan optando por crear sus propias empresas.. -- es por esto que el consulado de mex
Nov 24, 2012 4:00am PST
you. may call a few more names. ramon hernandez, rosenthal, rhene, tony. >> i'm ron miguel i'm a member of the piers 30, 32 cac. i agree and disagree with our chair, katy, who has by the way been doing a very excellent job under sometimes exasperating circumstances. the cac has been nothing other than a public information office up to this point. i have talked to katy and others. i think there is pretty much agreement we should start operating as the cac, particularly by january. i firmly believe we will. to get to the fiscal feasibility study perhaps because of my background with the planning commission and before i have a better idea why that was put in place by your then colleague on the board meetings aaron peskin. it was a test in effect to see whether the project would fly. pretty much in more formal words the way harvey rose put it, i have read the fiscal feasibility study and looked at harvey rose's comments, someone i respect very much and serves very well. i did not sign the letter that went to you because do i believe you should approve this resolution today and pa
Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
hernandez lo hizo todo. >> el nÚmero 1 alabama fue sorprendido. >> marcados final ganaron agricultores de texas 29 por 24. >> los cardenales anotaron victoria. >> david lee termina acertando una anotacion. >> espectaculares las anotaciones . >>denver termino con la victoria. >> gracias williams . >> lo que ocurre en los deportes. >> muchas de las personas afectadas por la supertormenta se sienten atormentadas por la demora en la ayuda. >> despues de un duro dÍa de limpieza un hombre compro un boleto de loteria y se gano un premio en dinero. >> evento organizado por bebida energetica promociona conpetencia. >> vean la imagen. >> treinta equipos formaron parte de la conpetencia.
Nov 20, 2012 11:00pm PST
hace poco tuvimos un aguacero acá esta norberto hernandez con el pronóstico del tiempo. >> y veamos este sistema si es que seguirá con las precipitaciones este sistema traerá en el este lluvias así que para quiénes viajes vayan muy abrigados porque estarán cerca de los 28 grados de michigan y nueva york fuerte viento inundaciones y puntos de congelacion sacramento 60 grados san francisco también en los 60 (informacion en pantalla) y la lluvia continuara en fresno mañana en san francisco posibles chubascos ocasionales y el día de acción de gracias estara excelente para pasarlo con la familia así que a celebrar (informacion en pantalla) hasta pronto. cc1:
Nov 23, 2012 5:00pm PST
. i'm jade hernandez. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> what a great response. >>> well, black friday is not going quite as usual at a wal- mart in san leandro. as you can see, there are hundreds of people outside the store. it's all part of a nationwide protest against wal-mart. we have a live report on what is happening now. >> reporter: about a half hour ago, we saw the protesters, but you can see they've con degree gated in the front of the wal- mart. they confronted some of the managers at the front door and were turned away. but there are unions, community groups, and student groups out here supporting the wal-mart workers. this is by far the largest protest we have seen today in the area. we did talk to some of the protesters, who say they are supporting about better working conditions for wal-mart workers who are not unionized. we talked with one wal-mart worker about why he is here. >> i want wal-mart to stop letting the associates speak out, and treat us with dignity and respect. they refuse to meet with us. they don't recognize us. >> we did take video of that confrontatio
Nov 27, 2012 1:30pm PST
? ramone hernandez right behind me. i should have looked back. [applause] and additionally
Nov 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
lives from a burning vehicle. the good samaritan in this case jesus hernandez saw an rv on fire in east san jose. it happened this morning, and he heard screams for help from that rv. he grabbed a garden hose and was able to open the door and help two women out of the rv. when firefighters showed up, they pulled out a 4 week old pit bullpuppy from the fire. investigators say the cause is most likely from candles burning. >> it's not suspicious at all. it's just one of the things around the holidays and a cold time that we would burn candles and have heaters on. you have to be really cognizant of making sure we're awake and only having those things on when we're able to attend to them. >> the women inside the rv were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >>> and then just yesterday, a bus driver, wilma acosta saw flames shooting out of her bus in the engine compartment. she immediately went back to the bus where she helped save a young girl, a middle schoolgirl who was in a wheelchair. so two car rescues in the last two days. >>> we have other news right now. the epa is taking actio
Nov 28, 2012 9:00pm PST
hernandez rescued them. >> as they were trying to escape one of them severely burnt hands and they were not able to get out. they were banging and yelling. more hernandez got that door opened and grabbed a garden hose and extinguished a certain amount of fire before we got there. >> they say he took a risk because there could have been a back draft which could have knocked him down. >> when he picked up the garden hose and starting to engage he potentially risked his life but it could have saved the fire from spreading to the home. >> the story doesn't end there, another life was saved. >> two women rescued new their three-month-old pit bull was still inside. a firefighter went in and found her. you won't see any video of jesse hernandez. he didn't want any praise for being a hero. >> he is a hero for sure. we are really proud of him. i was telling the kids, they were all pretty excited for us. >> a skx driver is being hailed a hero. she rescued a special needs student when it caught fire. >> the bus driver carried her to a bench away from the fire. then went back to the bus to keep eve
Nov 18, 2012 8:30am PST
sounds like rocks hitting a windshield. and it was very shocking. and hernandez and i were like, "oh, my god, they're firing at us." >> hinojosa: hernandez was in the vehicle with you? >> he was the driver. >> hinojosa: and at that moment suddenly things were happening, and you realize now that trucks have overturned, that your soldiers who you were with two sends ago who were alive... >> are gone. >> hinojosa: are gone. and then you crawl underneath a truck. >> hinojosa: yeah. we got out the vehicle, sergeant riley came up, and a couple of bullets went by really close. he was like, "take cover." we hit the ground. we take cover underneath the vehicle to return fire. the minute i hit ground to return fire, i get shot. and it's amazing, because riley ran a good 100 yards, bullets flying, not a scratch on him. not a scratch on him. i didn't move two feet from my truck and i got shot. >> hinojosa: and you get shot in each leg? >> yes. >> hinojosa: once in each leg? >> it... from what they understood it was one bullet hit both legs. >> hinojosa: so you're under attack, you're under fire. you
Nov 20, 2012 10:00am PST
] jones, [speaker not understood]. ramon hernandez and josh arsey. >>> thank you, supervisors. i'm dennis mc kenzie, long-time consulting education. that's my major private practice where i develop education proposals including cross cultural, sports education exchange programs. also the past 11 years been teaching in the public high schools here in san francisco. i'm here once again on behalf of our students and high school college and all of our youth. as i propose to you and the warriors, everyone involved, for this arena to include within it -- within the arena itself a high school education and career development classroom which could be accessible all year round. arenas in this country, this is a perfect example and opportunity to create a model frat silt. d -- facility. i believe sports is [speaker not understood]. to include a high school classroom which these are inherently educational methodologies that can be utilized and expanded. as we all know the education system in this country is far beyond -- well, is far behind a lot of countries in the world today because of our priori
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 238 (some duplicates have been removed)